About The BC Bereavement Helpline

Mission Statement: To facilitate the provision of care and support to the bereaved and their caregivers of British Columbia and to ensure that their interests are publicly safeguarded. The BCBH is committed to increasing public understanding of bereavement as a normal life process through education, advocacy, networking and dissemination of information.

The BCBH was established in 1988 and is committed to being a provincial leader in the service, education, advocacy, and research of death and bereavement. The BCBH assists the bereaved and their caregivers in coping and managing grief. When you call the BC Bereavement Helpline, your call will be answered by a caring, compassionate volunteer who is familiar with over 300 grief support groups and organizations in the province. Bereavement support groups provide a safe, nurturing environment for participants to share and support each other in their grief. Trained facilitators provide information about grief and encourage individuals to speak about their loss as they feel comfortable. Your call is free, confidential and anonymous. Your call will be treated with care in helping you find the most appropriate support for your specific type of loss.