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After a Homicide

Welcome to our video series, “After A Homicide” consisting of eight pre-recorded informational sessions with those who work in homicide investigations, prosecution and family support. The BC Victims of Homicide has produced this series of videos to help explain, inform and educate individuals on the elements of the homicide investigative process; from those who work directly with homicide investigations, the prosecution of the case, and those who provide emotional support and healing for the families. 

1. The Role of the Media with a Homicide

Sergeant Frank Jang, Media Relations & Strategic Communications, Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) talks with the BCBH Executive Director, Jessica Lowe about the role that media plays in a homicide investigation. Listen to Frank speak of how he uses the media to help solve the crime, and how families can best work with this resource.

As mentioned in this video, there is the Family Guide: Support for Families of Homicide Victims or Missing Persons where Foul Play is Suspected  brochure to help families understand all support services available if your homicide case is being handled by the IHIT team. Please click here for the English version,. The brochure is also offered in eight languages as listed below: 

Posting the Week of May 10: The Role of Victim Services - Sue Baker, Victim Services Coordinator, Vancouver Police and Lovepreet Brar, Family Liaison Victim Services/IHIT discuss how victim services can help families dealing with the incredible stress of a homicide loss and navigataion through the court process. 

Posting the Week of May 17: The Role of IHIT - Sergeant Frank Jang/IHIT

Week of May 24: The Role of Crown Counsel in a Homicide Case - Wendy Stephen, Queens Counsel, Crown Counsel of New Westminster

Week of May 31: The BC Victims of Homicide Support Group Experience

Week of June 7: A Personal Experience with Parents Who Lost Their Son to Homicide - Dawn and Danny Sandhu

Week of June 14: Lessons Learned - Jim Cessford, Retired Delta Police Chief

Week of June 21: The Role of Restorative Justice - Dr. Alana Abramson/KPU Criminology Instructor