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What to do after a Death

After someone dies, the people left behind are faced with a wide range of tasks to close the affairs of the deceased. Addressing these tasks is also required to access the assets of the deceased, receive financial and non-financial assistance, cancel payments and reduce the risk of identify fraud.


After a death has occurred


Decision Making and Planning Brochure - Victoria Hospice Resource

Includes information on when to make arrangements, what funeral homes require, financial assistance/death benefits, memorial societies, and funeral services.


What to do When Someone Dies

This page will help you understand who you need to notify, what documentation you need, and what services and benefits may be available to you.


British Columbia Bereavement Checklist

This checklist is a tool that can assist with identifying key federal departments and provincial ministries that should be notified of a death to terminate benefits and services or to initiate benefits for survivors.


A Practical Guide for Families

This booklet offers practical information to dying and bereaved people and their families. Such as home care, wills of estate, advance care, funeral plans, finances, insurance, and so forth.


Canadian Bar Association: Your Duties as an Executor

Specific to British Columbia, this link discusses the duties of an executor of a will and how to probate an estate.


Government of Canada: Being an Estate Representative

Covers the responsibilities and implications of being an estate representative for a deceased loved one.


Government of BC: Death

Link provides an overview of what to do in the event of a loved one’s death, including information on death certificates, wills (and the wills registry), and the coroner’s service.


Government of Canada: After a Death

How to report a death in all provinces/territories and outside of Canada, death certificates, benefits, and other relevant information.


Fraser Health: Managing Grief & Loss When Someone Dies

This booklet is meant to help navigate the beginning stages of grief, explain aspects of grief and loss, and help individuals support others - such as children - through grief.

Financial concerns


BVOH: Victims of Homicide Resource Guide

Contains information about, and links to, financial assistance available to bereaved individuals and/or victims of crime, including Canada Pension Plan benefits, Federal Income Support for Parents of Murdered or Missing Children, and crime victim assistance benefits in each province/territory and at the federal level.


Government of BC: Funeral Costs

The government of BC may pay a supplement to cover the necessary funeral costs if their loved ones lack the resources to do so themselves. Cover eligibility, limitations, and procedures.


Government of Canada: Life Insurance

Overview of life insurance, including discussion of who needs life insurance, types of insurance, and naming a beneficiary.


Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association: Life Insurance

This guide is designed to assist with understanding life insurance in Canada, including different policies, tips, and payment of claim.


Preparing for end of life


Government of Canada: Options and Decision Making at End of Life

Learn about options for available to you at the end of your (or your loved one’s) life.


Alzheimer's Society of Canada: Planning Your Future

This guide includes relevant information for Canadians (and their loved ones) who are diagnosed with diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia in planning for future diminished capacity or death.


CPA: A guide to financial decisions: Planning for the end of life

An in-depth booklet by Chartered Professional Accountants Canada in death-related financial planning