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Widowed Men and Women

Soaring Spirits International

Create, and maintain, innovative peer-based grief support programs for widowed men and women that serve a worlwide population.

hot young widows club

Online support group for people who have lost their romantic partner.

Sibling Loss

Adult Loss of a Sibling

by Therese A. Rando, Ph.D. An excerpt from How to Go On Living When Someone You Love Dies (New York: Bantam Books)

Adult Surviving Siblings: The Disenfranchised Grievers

by Zampitella, Christina. Adult siblings have a relationship unique to all others. They share not only 50% of their biological composition but a familial story.

Where's the Grief Podcast

 Jordon Ferber, a comedian in New York City runs a sibling grief group through The Compassionate Friends’ sibling affiliate The Sounds of the Siblings.

Youth and Children's Grief

(Dr. Alan Wolfelt, PH.D. , C.T., centerforloss.com)

Adults grieve. So do children. As an adult or child, experiencing grief means to "feel," not just to "understand." Anyone old enough to love is old enough to grieve. Even before children are able to talk, they grieve when someone loved dies. And these feelings about the death become a part of their lives forever. 

Recommended Readings and Resources:

Dallas Shirley

The Dougy Center

Dr. Jay Children's Grief Centre 

Helping Children Cope - Mayo Clinic

Helping Your Child Deal With Death

Hope Again 

A subsection of Cruse Bereavement Care in the UK, offers personal stories, video logs, advice, videos, a blog, and books for children and young people

The National Alliance for Grieving Children

Roberts Press

Understanding and Supporting Bereaved Children: A Practical Guide for Professionals

Willow Tree Children's Counselling

Youth In BC

youthspace.ca - Everyone across Canada under 30 years is welcome to chat with youthspace.ca. They are open 6pm-midnight PST, 365 days a year. They offer a diverse community of trained volunteers who would love to listen to how things are going for you.

Pet Loss

Facebook Pet Loss Support Group

Book: One Brave Boy and His Cat, by Andrew Peacock

Article: Helping Yourself Heal When a Pet Dies, by Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D

Book: When Your Pet Dies, A Guide to Mourning, Remembering and Healing, by Alan D. Wolfelt, PhDCall the BC Bereavement Helpline for additional Pet Loss resources that may be in your community 604-738-9950, or 1-877-779-2223.