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Our provincial Helpline has assisted over 40,000 calls and emails since its inception in 1988 and continues to be the only free, grief-specific helpline in Canada. When you contact the BC Bereavement Helpline, your call or email will be answered by a caring, compassionate volunteer who, through the BCBH Resource Directory, can access updated and accurate contact information for 300+ organizations that help those coping with grief and loss located in over 80 communities in BC.

Volunteers are also trained to provide compassionate listening, so if all you need is to talk to someone, the Helpline volunteers are there to listen. Your call is free, confidential, and anonymous, and will be treated with care in helping you find the most appropriate support for your specific type of loss.

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The BCBH Resource Directory

The BCBH Resource Guide is a 200+ page document that contains detailed information, broken down by city/community, for over 300 grief and loss related organizations in British Columbia. BCBH is committed to updating this guide annually to ensure that all information is up-to-date and accurate for the bereaved or professionals. Information available on each organization includes the type of grief support (individual, group, phone support, etc.), for whom (families, children, men, women, traumatic loss etc.), location information and fee information (full fees, sliding scale, pay as you can or no fees).

The Resource Guide also includes a Provincial Resources section that includes contact information for any BC provincial organization that may be able to assist in any manner of grief and loss including counselling associations, disease-related associations, information on income/Canada Pension Plan, legal assistance, funeral assistance, cancer organizations, aid available to military families, mental and mood disorder organizations, assistance for seniors, and so much more.

The Resource Guide is a PDF document that is hyperlinked, cross-referenced under selected grief categories, and searchable for key words. It is available in electronic format for all BCBH members (included in the annual membership fee for Silver, Gold and Platinum level members. It is available for an additional fee for Bronze level members).