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Our Trainers

Terry Androsky has a BA in Adult Education plus extensive studies in the fields of Palliative and Bereavement Care, Counselling, and Expressive Art Therapy. Since 1988, as a volunteer and in her professional capacity, she has accompanied bereaved persons of all ages on a one-to-one basis, facilitated bereavement groups for children, teens, and adults, and trained hospice volunteers and other community members throughout BC. She has prepared and presented a multitude of community workshops and seminars on a variety of topics relating to grief and loss.

Marlyn Ferguson is the Arborcare Coordinator at Valley View Funeral Home in Surrey BC. She has been working with the bereaved for over 20 years. She facilitates bereavement support groups for Suicide and Homicide survivors as well as the Traumatic Loss Facilitator Training program. Marlyn was the first recipient of the Victim/Survivor “Light of Hope” awarded by Police Victim Services of British Columbia (PVSBC) in 2010.

Jessica Lowe is a group facilitator for the Homicide Grief and Suicide Grief support groups. She has first-hand knowledge and experience with homicide loss with the death of her sister, as well as the traumatic deaths of her other two siblings from cancer and substance use. Jessica brings understanding and compassion to her facilitation. After a career in Marketing, she returned to school for a Social Services Worker Certification from Langara College and is now the BCBH Executive Director.

Shauna Janz is dedicated to companioning others in healing and wholeness through offerings of individual and family grief support, trauma-informed group process, and healing ritual facilitation. She is honored to be a part of  the team at BCBH as a facilitator of both traumatic loss support groups and the traumatic loss facilitator training. She lives in Victoria, where she leads the organization, Learning Through Loss, providing grief support and education to youth and youth-serving professionals,and works in her private practice, Sacred Grief. 

Allen Sawkins has been involved in teaching, personal development training, and group facilitation for over 35 years. He teaches and speaks publicly about traumatic and homicide loss. He became involved in this work after his partner was killed at work while trying to protect a colleague from attack. Allen participated in the Workers’ Compensation Board’s ‘Domestic Violence in the Workplace Employers Toolkit’ initiative, and the BC Victims of Homicide’s (BCVOH) ‘Aftermath of Murder’ project, sharing his experience and understanding of traumatic grief from homicide loss. He has co-facilitated a weekly Homicide Survivors Drop-In Support Group for BC Bereavement Helpline and BCVOH in Vancouver and worked on their training for Traumatic Loss Support Group Facilitators. He has also been a facilitator on the ‘Grief Due to Homicide Loss’ component of the Living Through Loss Counselling Society’s ‘Grief and Loss’ training programme. Allen has spoken publicly to raise awareness and understanding of the particular challenges that face survivors of homicide loss. 

Clinical Supervisor

John Dubé is a registered social worker and a registered clinical counsellor in the province of British Columbia. He began his work in the area of suicide and bereavement in 1985 responding to family and community needs to a suicide, homicide or traumatic death.

His primary counselling area is working with clients who are bereaved due to a suicide, homicide or traumatic death. He works with individuals by encouraging them to find the answers within and utilize their own resources for change and to heal. He believes in providing a respectful and safe place that supports clients to do self-reflective work and discover new ways of coping, integrating the painful event while navigating their world. 

Over the past 25 years, John has conducted numerous workshops and trainings to professionals (therapists, counselors, teachers, social workers, victim services personnel, nurses and hospice staff) on topics such as: Grief - The Basics; Complex Bereavement Issues; Bereavement due to Suicide, Homicide and Multiple Loss; Suicide Prevention/Intervention Strategies; Professional Self-care, Communication, and Program Evaluation and Outcomes.

John is currently the Program Manager and Clinical Supervisor of Family Preservation and Family Support programs with Family Services of the North Shore, programs that work closely with MCFD concerning families struggling with addictions, mental health and domestic violence.  He is also an adjunct instructor at Adler University teaching graduate level Ethics in Counselling Psychology.